Making Friends in University: A Guidebook for Freshmen

1. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible in your university’s freshman orientation (or whatever it’s called in your university)

In most universities, including mine, there will always be a freshmen orientation before the semester starts that is filled with activities for you and your peers to get to know the places in your university, the courses in your faculty, the seniors, the teachers, the staffs, the security guards, and most importantly, your new potential friends.

2. Tell your story

To get to know someone, you obviously need to do conversations with them. Conversation topics that I’ve found very dependable to start getting to know your peer are topics such as how both of you got accepted into the university and how both of you are doing after adapting to university life.

3. Join a sports club, an organization, a committee, or any interesting activity groups available

In your first year in university, you do not want to be that person whose existence when attending university is to just study and nothing else. The first year of university is the best year to force yourself to socialize by joining a sports club, an organization, a committee, or any interesting activity groups in your university because these are the places where you can get to know not only your peers but also your seniors.

4. Join or create a study group

A study among college students suggests that people who have a close group of friends that provide academic motivation and support are more likely to be academically successful and graduate on schedule.

5. Be active in the randomly-formed group projects

In your first year of university, most group projects in your courses may most likely be formed randomly by the professors. It is formed randomly because most professors would probably understand that it is best for a student to get to know as many of their peers as possible through these group projects in their first year. Sometimes you would be lucky and get the smart and diligent kind of students as your group members, but sometimes you don’t.




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Kefas Satrio Bangkit Solideantyo

Kefas Satrio Bangkit Solideantyo

Computer Science Undergraduate at University of Indonesia