No one enjoys cramming for a test, chasing a deadline, doing an all-nighter, or doing any heavy task in a very short amount of time. However, these experiences happen way too often in our daily life (or at least mine). Even though every one of us gets the same 24 hours in a day, we may feel that there are just some people out there that achieve so much more with their time compared to ours.

The solution for all of the problems above may seem very…

Have you ever wondered why most companies invest so much time, effort, and resources when it comes to hiring new workers to the company? If you do then perhaps you may have thought that they want to try their best to assemble a group of remarkable people with knowledge and expertise to do good works for the company. If so, then your thought is right.

Before hiring an individual to a company, the company would want to get to know the strengths and personalities of that individual…

A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face. — Maya Angelou

The first year of being a freshman in a college or a university can be very exciting. It feels like you are far from home and you are experiencing a fresh start. So many places to explore and many people to meet. Lots of opportunities to socialize and make friendships along the way.

As I said, exciting… right?

Not for many people like me, that’s for sure. My past self would agree that all of…

As developers, I believe we can all agree that much work needs to be done when it comes to developing apps. These days, it takes much more than just writing code. We may need multiple languages, libraries, and frameworks to work together so that our apps can do what they are made to do.

If we do need various sorts of dependencies for our app, then what’s the problem?

Well, ever heard of the “But, it works on my machine” problem?

In short, it is a problem…

Writing code is always easy. Writing clean code, however, is a challenge that many programmers sometimes ignore. It is not an exaggeration if someone were to say that writing clean code is like common sense for us programmers because it really is. But it is also not an exaggeration if someone were to say that writing clean code is tedious. Because it really is.

Python, like many other programming languages, has tools that may help its programmers to write cleaner code. The tools are often called linters…

Source: Avengers: Infinity War

I believe that there are already many step-by-step tutorials about deploying a Django-Rest app to Heroku using Gitlab-CI, but I think there’s not enough that tells you how to deploy a test-ready Django-Rest app. So I hope this tutorial helps anyone who needs to do so.

First, Create the Heroku app.

Go to, then login or signup if you haven’t made an account yet. After that, create a new app from your Heroku dashboard.

In this day and age, to compete with your competitors in the world of software development means to be able to deliver fast to the users while also thriving to have a better overall quality than your competitors. But fast has its risks. Because if it does not, everyone would be doing it. …


Creating a design for your product, whether it be a website or an app, is easy. However, creating a design that your users will enjoy and feel comfortable with when using your product takes a lot more than just designing. And to do that, we need some sort of way to understand what kind of users are we going to deal with, right? But how? This is where creating personas may help you out.

What exactly is a persona?

So, you’ve just started to work in a team and they asked you to start using GitLab from now on? Don’t worry, because this post will show you the basics of GitLab so that you and your team will be able to work together graciously.

What is GitLab?

I believe it is best to first start with explaining what GitLab is.

GitLab is a Git version control repository management service. There, a group of developers can work together on one or multiple Git repositories. By working together, I mean they…

My father always taught me that for every work that we do, there‘s a sequence of actions that need to be done to finish the work not only efficiently, but also brings out the best value it can bring.

To build a house, you will first need to plan out and build the foundation.

To plant a tree, you will first need to prepare a shovel and fertilizer.

You get the idea.

However, do the same idea should also go for software development?

Usually, we gather the…

Kefas Satrio Bangkit Solideantyo

Computer Science Undergraduate at University of Indonesia

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